We convey universal values to our students and present all ways of thinking that inquisitive and free-thinking minds need via the Core Program in the first year 

We prepare the curricula in cooperation with leading sector representatives, integrate theoretical knowledge into project development processes, and offer an academic and a sectoral mentor to each student starting from the 2nd grade within the scope of Project-Based Education

About the Department

KHAS Theatre Department program aims to help students develop their knowledge and creativity and the skills they need in their future profession as theatre artists. The curriculum is designed to provide a wide range of possibilities to specialize in professional life. It serves as an optimal combination of theory and practice. Students start training in the fundamentals of theatre. Then while focusing primarily on acting, they can also develop their interests in a particular areas such as dramatic writing, directing, and theatre management. The department’s academic staff consists of prominent actors, directors, and theatre managers of well-known theatre companies or widely known independent artists.

2021-2022 KHAS Theatre Special Talent Test